The Glenurquhart Centre is a community business run by the General Manager and owned by  Glenurquhart Care Project (GCP) , local Charity (SC 023575) and Company

The GCP  Patron is Dr. Joanne Sutherland

The GCP  Board of Directors/Trustees who oversee the work of the Centre in the community are
(confirmed at November 2018 AGM and to March 2019):

Nigel Fraser (Tomich): Convener
Allan Lemon: (Kiltarlity) Vice-Convener
Erik Trelfer: (Glen Urquhart)
Carolyn Wilson:  (Drumnadrochit) Treasurer
Jack Meredith  (Drumnadrochit)
Bruce Nelson  (Drumnadrochit)
Elizabeth Owen  (Drumnadrochit)
Sue Fink  (Drumnadrochit)

Pam Poston is our General Manager

Neil MacInnes is Company Secretary (Balnain)

The Glenurquhart Care Project Director/Trustees can be contacted via the Centre on 01456 459077.

We welcome all interested local residents to become Members of the GCP Company/Charity.
All Members help is welcome, and those with appropriate skills/experience/energy are particularly welcome, to assist, or discuss becoming Directors/Trustees, in managing our community Company.

See more in the Glenurquhart Care Project  section, for-
Membership   ~   Director/Trustee Details  ~  Documents (inc. AGM Minutes and Annual Reports)