Introductory Visits

Following the outcome of the assessment of your needs the Centre Manager will arrange an introductory visit to the Centre. This gives you the opportunity to see round the Centre, meet the people who attend and the staff. This visit will be arranged at a time convenient to you. On your first visit, a member of care staff will, if you wish, assist you through your day. The staff member will introduce you to others and help you familiarise around the centre. You may also, if you wish, bring along a person of your choice to support you on an introductory visit or when you are attending the centre.If after your introductory visit(s) you would like to start attending, the Centre Manager will discuss with you the day and times. We will do our best to provide a choice of day but this is dependent on the availability of places and transport.

At present we have a minibus and a car which provide transport to and from the Centre. Due to travel distances to outlying areas we are sometimes restricted with the days and times we can offer. However, we do try to take account of individual needs.
If you require transport to the Centre, we make a small a charge of 50p per journey.
Many people use the local Dial-a-Bus service to get to the Centre.

Leaving the Support Service
If a service user’s needs change and the support service can no longer meet their needs, the service user and carer/ representative/advocate will be fully involved in review discussions. The situation will be properly explained to you and your carer/representative/advocate and you will be told about any action you may take to appeal against the decision. Full support will be provided for a service user to move to a new support service if this is appropriate and where possible the opportunity to keep up friendships.