Other Facilities

The Glenurquhart Centre provides a laundry service of washing and drying. The cost of this is £3 per wash and £3 per dry. Washing powder is included. Staff will make arrangements with you if you require this service.


The Drumnadrochit Public Library is situated within the Glenurquhart High School. We are able to assist with transport if you wish to visit. The opening times are displayed on the notice board in main Centre area. Alternatively there is a small library of books available in the sitting room next to the TV lounge. The books are renewed on a regular basis by the librarian from the high school library, Christine Matheson. If anyone wishes to order a particular book, this can be arranged via Christine.

A range of newspapers are provided in the main sitting area for people to read on a daily basis.

Community Groups
There are a number of community groups within the areas the Centre serves. For example in Drumnadrochit there is local art group (usually a Thursday morning) in Blairbeg Hall. Open House is a craft group held at the Church of Scotland hall (2nd and 4th week of the month on Thursday afternoons). There are also Community Councils groups in Glenurquhart, Strathglass and Kiltarlity. These groups meet to discuss local matters such as planning and community issues. Minutes are available at the Centre of the meetings and contact details of the Community Council members.

Opportunities will be made available for religious and political beliefs to be expressed and pursued. We will be actively involved in supporting you to observe particular dietary and dress requirements and facilitate practices such as prayer and contemplation in a private environment if you require this.