Attending the Centre

Who are we for?

The Centre is registered by the Care Commission to provide a support service of 24 places of day care per day to people age 60+. We can consider referrals from adults below the age of 60 if a person has a particular need we can assist with. Anyone who wishes to come to the Centre will have to have a referral from Social Work via a POP

When a referral has been received the Resource Manager will arrange to meet the person, usually at their home or another venue if this is preferred. The Manager will provide information about the Centre. This assessment forms provides the Manager with necessary information about your health, date of birth, next of kin and day to day needs.

All 24 places at the Centre are funded by NHS Highland, and places are allocated as per NHSH  Fair Access to Community Care. Priority of places is given to people with higher or medium needs. The number of days offered will be dependent on a person or their carer’s needs and availability of places. The Centre is unable to guarantee an offer of a day of your choice due to transport and availability of places.