What Do We Do?

Drop in to the Centre most weekdays and you will find groups of people doing all sorts of things. We have craft groups for those of you who are good with your hands, doing things like patchwork, knitting and making cards. We have games afternoons and bingo sessions, and lots of people like playing dominoes, cards and board games. There’s a book club, and a range of books for you to borrow and newspapers to read. There’s always someone to sit down with for a wee chat over a cup of tea and one of our famous scones.

We also arrange regular outings and tours in the minibus – John’s Mystery Tours are as famous as the Loch Ness Monster!

As part of our Participation Strategy we have regular activity planning days involving all service users. This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to undertake an activity of their interest and choice if they wish to do so. Examples of activities chosen by service users are various crafts, board games, card games, indoor bowls, exercises to music, Tai Chi, quizzes, discussions, videos, music etc.

If you are interested in poetry and stories we have a Merry Mackars poetry and story group who meet once per month. The centre also has a greenhouse for anyone who wishes to grow their favourite flowers or vegetables. There are different events/talks/slideshows and we keep everyone informed of the dates that these are happening through newsletters and posters in the centre.

It is also appreciated that not everyone wishes to participate in activities and we have three smaller rooms for people who wish to read, listen to music, use the lap top computer or sit and chat. The staff at the Centre assist to facilitate some of the activities but also encourage service users to undertake interests in smaller independent groups. Your allocated key worker will discuss anything you wish to pursue or achieve during your time with us at the centre.